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GEORGE NEWS - The George area has been identified as highly suitable for shooting films. Quite a few filmmakers live on the Garden Route. Recently, a short film was shot in a secluded forest area of Wilderness.
The principal photography on a short film called In Light of Is, written and directed by Wilderness based Sabine NLD Bittle, was shot at Beyond the Moon Guest Farm in Hoekwil.
Despite the logistical challenges of flying in the lead cast as well as all of the film equipment, writer-director Bittle says Beyond the Moon was always the first choice of location for her. "It is just such an enchanting, magical place - a place that would help us create that ethereal quality we needed to tell this story."
A magical realism drama, In Light of Is tells the story of two sisters who, dealing with loss and personal sacrifice, find a flicker of magic in their secluded world.
"It's a haunting story," says Taryn Sudding, who plays Isabel. "It reminds us that it's okay to be brave and vulnerable at the same time, that we should embrace the mysteries."
Cape Town based executive producer Richard van Wyk, who is financing the production, believes that this is a story the world needs to hear. "It's an intricately layered film, but at its heart it's about finding a little light in the world."
The Johannesburg-based second unit shoot, where production started, saw Bittle working with legendary underwater camera operator Gordon Hiles and Light Girls director of photography Cian McClelland.
While most of the talent was brought into Wilderness for the making of this film, there was also a significant local element. The film's associate producer, Allan Glogauer of Glo Films, came in during the early pre-production stages of the project.
Local artist and sculptor Steven Ryalls is the film's production designer, Michelle du Preez, owner of Beula by Michelle in George, attended to hair and makeup, Dee Archer of Sedgefield's For Art's Sake created wall décor for the set, Dr Reinette Vos was on standby in case of emergencies, and the film's writer-director herself has been a Wilderness resident for over six years.

According to the film's producer, Jennifer Mostert of Sinkwa Productions, "Beyond the Moon is a truly beautiful and magical place that gave our strong team of talent the opportunity to capture something quite special on camera." 

Van Wyk agrees. "We had a phenomenal team. And we did exactly what we set out to do: we captured that magic. We got it in the can."
Now in post production, In Light of Is can be found on Facebook at
Locals shoot the movie In Light of Is. The writer-director is Sabine NLD Bittle and the producer is Jennifer Mostert.
Beyond the Moon, a popular Garden Route guest farm, is traditionally the destination for nature lovers and those in need of a little escape. Recently this secluded forest getaway became the key location for principal photography on a short film called In Light of Is.
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